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Art & Photography


Mr. Glenn Cotler

Certified Art Teacher

Certified Special Education Teacher

Certified C-Tech Instructor

Greenburgh Eleven U.F.S.D.

914-693-8500 Ext.61

Glenn Cotler has a BFA from The School of Visual Arts and an MA in Special Education from Long Island University. Mr. Cotler has been the Art Teacher at Greenburgh Eleven for 26 years. He resides in Suffern New York with his wife and son. 

"Action is the foundational key to all success"  - Pablo Picasso​



​Our Elementary art students will explore all types of mediums from traditional such as water colors, crayon, oil pastel, tempra paint and clay to computer graphics.
Young children should be able to experience these mediums freely and through structured lessons that let their imaginations expand and flourish.


​Our Middle School students build upon their growing mastery of art mediums and expand upon them by applying them to the Elements of Art: Line, Shape, Form, Color, Texture, Value and Perspective.
They will apply these elements through structured lessons that will advance their skills in painting, drawing, cartooning sculpture and the digital arts.


​Our High School students continue to expand their artistic skills that are carried over from Middle School and apply them through acrylic painting, sculpture, drawing, photography and digital arts. The students learn to apply the elements and principles of art and design through structured lessons as well as independent study. We are looking forward to rolling out our new 3D - Printer design program this spring.

Student Pictures - Field Trips, Airbrushing, Painting, Comic Strips, Photography, Plastic molding, Cartooning, Digital Arts and more!

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