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Jacob Burns Film Center
Students engage in a project-based humanities course focused on both current and historical events using multimedia technology.  While developing these projects, the students engage in collaborative learning activities and create public service announcements on current student issues.



Credit Recovery 
Using the credit recovery program, students can obtain the necessary credits for graduation. The program blends online learning with classroom instruction throughout the school year.





Star Leadership Program:Hopes Door Inc.

The STAR Leadership Program is an ongoing, collaborative program designed to increase the awareness of our students with regard to forming and maintaining healthy relationships. Hopes Door is an agency that specializes in assisting victims of domestic violence and preventing the growth of this unfortunate cycle.  As a proactive, preventive measure, this program provides educational training and workshops in an effort to inform the students about healthy relationships, personal boundaries/values, and appropriate choices.

Character Education
The District’s character education initiative is an evolving program designed to increase student’s awareness of the impact of their personal choices and to cultivate a student’s sense of accountability.  The initiative attempts to demonstrate the positive impact of collaboration, support structures and ownership of personal behavior. During student assemblies, interactions in the classrooms, and field experiences our students are provided opportunities to develop and/or reshape personal behavior through modeling by adults, leadership and direct prompting.



The Digital Arts Experience
This dynamic student-centered program provides opportunities for our students to explore multi-media career options and training.   The program helps students develop twenty first century skills, including collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, etc. For example, students work together to create a digital newsletter, a digital year book, and other digitized school based projects.

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