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Mission Statement:
Greenburgh Eleven has a rigorous program that provides a clear progression in student’s academic and behavioral development while transitioning students from a special needs environment to their community schools as productive, responsible students.  Greenburgh Eleven is committed to preparing all students to reach their maximum potential by giving them the tools needed to be:

  •  - engaged learners

  •  - productive, responsible, competitive and informed citizen

  •  - lifelong learners and critical thinkers

  • - confident individuals who understand their self‐worth and are socially and emotionally competent


We provide a quality public education aligned with Common Core State Standards through the use of cutting edge technology and innovative teaching techniques through the collaborative efforts of students, educators, parents and the community.

District Highlights:

  • Experienced, dedicated caring Staff

  • Extensive student support services

  • Low student to teacher ratio

  • Technology (21st Century Tools) in all classrooms

  • Therapeutic Learning Environment

  • Beautiful, park‐like campus

  • Differentiated and Data‐informed instruction

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