Culinary Teacher

Mrs. Brennan grew up in Honolulu. She has a Bachelors in Business Administration and  Master's in Education from Fordham University. She has worked at the Plaza hotel where she learned the inner working of the hospitality industry. With her business, education, and passion she established an after-school culinary arts program after being awarded a Westchester Community Foundation Grant. She was recognized District-wide as the Occupational Education Teacher of the Year. This is one of her many proud accomplishments. 


Students enrolled in the Culinary curriculum get to experience a variety of lessons depending on age and experiences. From Elementary, Middle to High School Students, Mrs. Brennan gives each student an engaged learning experience. She has taught students the basics of food preperation, cooking techniques, procedures, education in safety, sanitation, nutrition, and professional grooming.  Students explore various career opportunities, employability skills, customer service, food costs, and inventory controls. 

Students have made dumplings, waffles, pizza, pies of various flavors, muffins, holiday pastries, chocolate covered fruits and pretzels, chicken, pasta dishes,  homemade hummus, sauces, and more!