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General Information
For general information about the day student program, click here:  Day Student Program – General Information

Day Student Admissions ProcessSome parents or school districts find that they have students who require a higher level of services than their current program can provide. Families and school districts may be faced with the task of providing for that special student with particular educational and emotional challenges. Greenburgh Eleven Union Free School District has raised the educational bar with a therapeutic strengths based focus to create an atmosphere of success for these special students.

Greenburgh Eleven UFSD is committed to providing a comprehensive educational environment. We offer day school programs to students with behavioral challenges. Some of our highlights include:

  • A flexible, innovative and academically challenging environment

  • A sprawling and bucolic 120 acre campus located in Westchester County

  • Therapeutic recreational, medical and occupational on site services

  • Enhanced strengths – based clinical and support services

Students referred for out of district day placement have their referral material reviewed. If it is felt that we can serve the student’s needs, an interview and tour will be scheduled. If, after the parent or guardian and the child visit, all parties agree that the placement is appropriate, the home school district will be notified and a start date and bussing can be scheduled. For students who have a Nickerson Letter from the New York City Department of Education, please call us to request information and set up an appointment. Student records (IEP, psychological and academic assessments) will be requested and reviewed prior to your visit.

Criteria for admission include but are not limited to male students aged 5 to 21, classified as ED or MD (ED/SI, ED/LD) with a full scale IQ of 60 or greater. 

If you find you have a student or students who could benefit from our educational programs, please contact Day Student Admissions at the number below.

One of the most powerful ways to experience the life-changing work that we do is to visit our Dobbs Ferry campus. Please feel free to call and schedule a tour.

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