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District Policies

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1000      Community Relations 
1120      School District Records 

1530      Smoke-Free Facility 

1925      Interpreters for Hearing-Impaired Parents

2160      Code of Ethics 

2270      School Attorney 

2300      School Board Members 

2305      School Board Public Hearings 

4311.1   Display of Flag 

4321      Policies Regarding Students with Disabilities 

4321.1   Equal Opportunity to Participate in District                      Programs 

4321.2   Participation in Preschool Programs 

4321.3   Special Education Personnel 

4321.4   Continuum of Services, Participation in General

              Education Curriculum 

4321.5   Parental Consent for Evaluations of a Preschool

              Student Suspected of Having a Disability 

4321.6   Confidentiality of Records Pertaining to a

              Student with a Disability 

4321.7   Schoolwide Approaches and Prereferral


4321.8   Declassification of Students with Disabilities 

4321.9   Selection, Appointment and Compensation of

              Impartial Hearing Officers 

4321.10 Instructional Materials-Availability of

              Alternative Formats for Students with


4321.11 Provisions of IEPS to Teachers and Service


4321.13 Guidelines for Participation of Students with

              Disabilities in State and District-Wide


4321.14 The Use of Universal Design Principles in

              District Assessments

4321.15 Certain Public reports 

4321.16 Independent Educational Evaluations at Public


4321.17 Special Education - Time Out Rooms 
4325      Academic Intervention Services 

4326      Instruction of English Language Learners 

4526.1   Internet Safety 

4526.2   Acceptable Use Policy for Technology and the                Internet - School District Employees 

4523.3   Acceptable Use Policy for Technology and the                Internet - Students     

5020      Equal Educational Opportunities 

5100      Student Attendance 

5300      Code of Conduct Policy 

5405      Student Wellness 

5420      Student Health Services 

5451.1   Use of Emergency Intervention (Restraint) 

5460      Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting             


5500      Confidentiality of Educational Records (FERPA)

6231      Title 1 Programs:  Parent and Family Involvement 

6420       Investment

6700       Purchasing 

8635       Information Security Breach and Notification

9110       Equal Employment Opportunities 

9110.1    Staff Conflict of Interest 

9110.2    Sexual Harassment of Employees 

9110.3    Printed and Written Material on School


9420.11  Staff Attendance 

9610       Staff Alcohol and Drug Use 

9700       Professional Development 

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