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Pupil Personnel Services


The Pupil Personnel Services Department at Greenburgh Eleven oversees services for students with disabilities ages 5-21. Our belief that all students should reach their potential with the least amount of intervention guides our decision-making process and our delivery of services.

The Pupil Personnel Department has two main responsibilities. The first one is to oversee the provision of related services.  Related services at Greenburgh Eleven include Counseling, Speech, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.  In addition, some students receive the support of a one to one teacher aide.  Our highly qualified staff sets high standards for all of our students. Service delivery is provided in the least restrictive setting possible, preferably the student’s classroom.  Providers work within a strengths-based model to maximize student achievement and enhance self-image.

The second responsibility of the Pupil Personnel Services Department is to oversee the special education process and the Committee on Special Education (CSE).  The process begins with referral to the committee and includes obtaining parental consent, then evaluating and classifying the student.  All children referred for services are evaluated by one or more of the staff in the department.

In collaboration with Children’s Village and their Parent Council the Pupil Personnel Services Department offers parent education programming to inform parents about topics in the field of education and how they can best help their children.

The department urges parents to contact them to provide an update on how their child is doing and what can be done to further meet the needs of students with special education needs.

Below are some frequently asked questions on the Special Education process.

Committee on Special Education 

What is the Committee on Special Education (CSE)?

The Committee on Special Education (CSE) serves children between the ages 5-21 who are in need of special education services and eligible for school age services. Referrals to the Committee on Special Education may be made by district staff.   If you suspect that your child may have a disability that requires specialized instruction, you are encouraged as well to refer your child by writing to the CSE in the Office of Special Education Services. Upon receipt of a referral, the Committee will send you a “Request for Consent to Evaluate Form” as well as the Procedural Safeguards and Your Child’s Rights to Special Education.  In order to begin the referral process, a parent must sign and return the Consent to Evaluate Form to the Office of Special Education Services.  The District then has 60 school days to complete the process.

Who participates in the CSE meeting?

The committee is comprised of the following members: the parents of the child, a district representative authorized by the Board of Education, the student’s special education teacher or provider, the school psychologist and an additional parent member, unless the parent of the child declines the other parent’s participation.  Other participants may include district staff who evaluated the student, service providers and anyone the parent or district chooses to invite who has special knowledge or expertise regarding the student.

How is eligibility determined?

After reviewing all the information gathered, all the formal evaluations completed, and parent and teacher input, the CSE will determine whether the student has a disability and whether the disability has an adverse effect on the student’s educational performance that requires specialized instruction and/or related services. If the CSE determines that a student has a disability as defined by law, it will develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and recommend services to meet the student’s needs.

At any point in time during the process the parent has right to withdraw consent and the referral process may not proceed. Once a child receives services under an IEP, a parent may revoke consent for special education in writing to the Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services.


Under the direction of the K-12 Principal and School Psychologists, this office is responsible for all CSE functions, Day Student recruitment and oversight of the provision of related services.

Angelo Pozzuto
School Psychologist
Greenburgh Eleven UFSD
914-693-8500 Ext. 284

Cathy Scaperrotta
School Psychologist
Greenburgh Eleven UFSD
914-693-8500 Ext.  229

Eric Scotton 
Senior Office Assistant
Greenburgh Eleven UFSD
914-693-8500 Ext. 384


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