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The Board of Education is composed of seven members, five of whom are appointed from the Children’s Village Board of Trustees and two who are appointed by the Commissioner of Education. The Board of Education is a dedicated team of volunteers that focuses on the needs of  Greenburgh Eleven children. The Board understands that exemplary schools and healthy communities go hand-in-hand.



As an outgrowth of discussions held at the annual Board retreat and at public meetings, the School Board has established the following key district priorities:

  • improve socio-emotional well-being of students;

  • reduce chronic absenteeism;

  • effectively utilize technology to personalize teaching and learning;

  • reduce the number of violent and disruptive incidents and reduce suspension;

  • increase participation in Career and Technical Education (C-TEC) Programs;

  • a focus on professional development of staff, to build human capital;

  • increase family and parent engagement;

Agendas and Minutes (Click Here)

District Policies (Click Here)

Board Schedule of Meetings (Click Here)

Board Members:

President - Public Member   Lisa Tane                 Term:  1/21/19 - 1/21/23

Vice-President                        Barbara Stutz          Term:  7/01/20 - 6/30/23   

Member                                  Ed Gooding            Term:  7/01/21 - 6/30/24

Public Member                       Nancy Kliot             Term:  6/01/19 - 6/01/23 

Member                                  David Schwartz       Term:  7/01/20 - 6/30/23

Member                                  Penelope Sheely    Term:  4/25/22 - 4/24/25

Member                                  Francine Vernon     Term:  7/01/21 - 6/30/24 

District Clerk                           Pamela Budd         

School Board Contact:

Pamela Budd

Secretary to Superintendent of Schools/District Clerk
Greenburgh Eleven UFSD
P.O. Box 501
Dobbs Ferry, NY  10522
(914) 693-8500, Ext. 222 (Tel)
(914) 693-4029 (Fax) (email)




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