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Greenburgh Eleven staff include qualified teachers, school psychologists, counselors, teacher assistants, aides, speech pathologists, reading specialists, security guards, and dedicated professionals to assist and help our students on a daily basis. Each classroom has a one on one aide who supports the learning process. Every teacher is NY state certified with most licensed in special education and their content area of expertise. Here you can read more about our qualified staff, join our team, view our employment contracts, see our policies and procedures, view our faculty handbook and more as we are constantly updating and improving our website.  



If you would like a staff webpage or would like to include your headshot and bio on this page, please contact us.

Please send a recent professional headshot, your title, and a brief bio like the sample below.

You can upload your headshot here.


This is a great place to tell people more about yourself and peak their interest.

For more info, they can follow you on social in a click.

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