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Technology & Business Teacher

Work Based Learning Coordinator

Ms.  Todoric grew up in Spring Valley, NY. She earned a BS in Business Management and a MS in Management & Policy both from The State University of Stony Brook where she played Div. 1 Soccer. She is a licensed realtor and author and recognized for a myriad of scholarly accomplishments and continually develops her teaching practice. With a passion for discovering new findings and sharing knowledge, she's made a significant impact in her field and higher education as a whole. 


Students enrolled in Ms. Todoric's classes get to experience a variety of lessons that engage students for the real world as she brings new experiences and daily relevant practices into her lesson plans. Ms. Todoric focuses on engaging the student and tailors each lesson to the students interests. She has taught students the basics of technology, networking, Internet Safety, Coding, and many Office applications like Word, Excel and Publisher. Students learn software applications but are expected to print and produce her projects. Ms. Todoric makes things happen and shows students that anything is possible with hard work and determination. She publishes their work, displays and changes her bulletin boards monthly and gives each student the extra resources and incentives needed to keep them motivated and focused! 

Students have made designed anti-bully day t-shirts, black history month t-shirts, posters, flyers, invitations, workbooks, bookmarks, banners, and more! There's never a dull moment in her class! She enjoys surprising her students with "extra's" in the classroom. Some examples include a class bean bag chair, pet fish, real sea shells, snacks, Aerogarden, beat lights, GoPro, tablets, gamer headsets, and more! She is constantly thinking of new ideas for her students and plans on introducing her students to drones and robotics soon! 

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