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  • New Emphasis on Literacy

    We understand that every child's educational journey is unique, especially when faced with challenges like learning disabilities and emotional or behavioral difficulties.  This year, we are thrilled to announce our strengthened commitment to fostering a nurturing learning environment that puts your child's literacy at the forefront of our mission.  Recognizing that the foundation of academic success lies in strong reading skills, we have invested significantly in specialized reading support, particularly for students who are struggling or have dyslexia.  We've expanded our team by hiring additional reading instructors and trained them in multisensory approaches to reading that address the individual needs of each student.  Rest assured, we are fully committed to working with you, the parents, and caregivers to unlock your child's full potential and open doors to a brighter future.  We believe that every child has the ability to succeed, and together, we'll make that belief a reality.  

    Greenburgh Eleven Union Free School District
  • Field Day 2024

    On June 11, 2024, Greenburgh Eleven held a District-Wide Field Day, where school spirit took center stage! 🏀⚾ From intense basketball and softball showdowns to creative face painting, and friendly e-gaming competitions, our students immersed themselves in a day filled with laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories. Take a journey through our vibrant gallery to witness the enthusiasm that defines our school community.

    At our Field Day, it wasn't just about athletics—it was about coming together to enjoy delicious food, play games, and celebrate our shared spirit of unity.  The fun-filled activities brought our students closer and embodied the true essence of school pride and togetherness.

    Greenburgh Eleven Union Free School District
  • Greenburgh Eleven Elementary Film Festival: Elementary Art Students Create Stop Motion Animation Films

    Greenburgh Eleven Elementary Art Students created stop-motion animation films.

    They sculpted their characters from modeling clay and then the characters were filmed using a stop-motion animation app.

    The students worked very hard on this project and we hope you enjoy viewing them! 

    To view the films go to  https://www.greenburgheleven.org/art.

    You can vote for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Sculpting, and Best Concept. 

    Please email your votes to gcotler@greenburgheleven.org

    Greenburgh Eleven Union Free School District
  • Honor Roll Breakfast

    An Honor Roll Breakfast celebrated the outstanding achievements of our students! These honor roll recipients have demonstrated exceptional dedication to academic excellence. These remarkable individuals have not only excelled in their studies but have also shown a commitment to leadership, and academic growth. We applaud their hard work and perseverance as they inspire us all to reach for excellence in everything we do.

    Greenburgh Eleven Union Free School District
  • Chess Club

    Welcome to our School Chess Club, where strategy meets camaraderie! Students discover the timeless joys of chess while fostering teamwork, sportsmanship, and intellectual growth

    Greenburgh Eleven Union Free School District
  • Great Solar Eclipse 2024

    On Monday, April 8th, students witnessed the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Great Eclipse of 2024 right from our school grounds.  Students and staff were amazed as the moon passed between the sun and the earth, casting a mesmerizing shadow on our world.

    Greenburgh Eleven Union Free School District
  • Varsity Basketball Team Celebrates the Season

    As the 23-23 Basketball season comes to a close, the team, along with the coaches, celebrated the highs and lows of an eventful season.  We are proud of our Hawks!

    Greenburgh Eleven Union Free School District
  • Congratulations to our newest certified lifeguard!

    Congratulations to Gavin O for achieving the prestigious title of American Red Cross Lifeguard!  We applaud your dedication to water safety and commitment to excellence.  Your hard work and training have paid off, and we couldn't be prouder.

    Greenburgh Eleven Union Free School District
  • EGaming Students Win Big!

    Congratulations to E-Gaming NBA 2K champion Damani and Runner-up Lexis.

    Greenburgh Eleven Union Free School District
  • Middle School Science Class Grows Indoor Harvest

    Students in the middle school have been studying agriculture and have grown crops indoors!  Students ate a kale salad AND LIKED IT! There are a ton of cucumber plants as well as some tomato and pepper plants that are waiting to be harvested. 

    Greenburgh Eleven Union Free School District
  • StoryFaces Visits Greenburgh Eleven!

    StoryFaces weaves folktales through face painting. Our students were enthralled and active in the performance.

    Greenburgh Eleven Union Free School District
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  • Superintendent's Conference Day

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  • Board of Education Meetings - Reorganization and Regular

    Bethune Multi-Purpose Room 

    6:30 p.m. 

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