Middle School


The Middle School is a day and residential public school serving both girls and boys.  Each class has a student-teacher and teacher associate with 8 students in the roster.  (8:1:1 ratio)  The School provides a comprehensive educational program in accordance with the Regulations of the New York State Education Department.  Instruction is based on New York State Standards and on students’ Individual Education Plans (IEP).  The school year is extended to include a thirty-day summer program for all students.  Students are prepared to become critical thinkers as well as self-confident, respectful, responsible, independent learners and citizens.

A specially trained and certified instructional staff employs a multitude of strategies and materials to teach students. Special subjects, such as art, music, physical education, health, Spanish and technology are part of the program.  This program allows teachers to meet the students’ academic, social and emotional needs. Families are an integral part of the school.  Parents are invited to visit the school whenever they wish to meet with teachers, administrators and to observe their children in class.

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is our behavior management program, establishing a common language in the school of Respect, Responsibility and Safety.  The students  experiencing academic and social/emotional deficits, are rewarded for displaying positive character traits throughout the school day.

Students are provided with a quality education where diversity, creativity, mutual respect and self-esteem are emphasized and cultivated.  A collaborative partnership exists among students, educators, parents, and the community.  Successes are measured not only by students’ test scores but by who they become and the real life experience they gain at Greenburgh Eleven.

Dr. William Rolon (914) 693-8500, Ext. 296

Congratulations to all honor roll recipients. We are so proud of your achievements.

Students Become Urban Gardeners


Students have embarked on a journey to becoming 21st-century urban gardeners. They have started an indoor tower garden in our school - the first of its kind in our district! Students first chose what to grow and are now learning gardening techniques and the science behind it. They germinated seeds in rockwool and transplanted the sprouts to the first tower once the plants were ready. We then expanded our gardening skills and began reaping the benefits of our efforts.  Through this project, students are engaging in an immersive curriculum that aligns the art and science of growing vegetables with daily academic instruction across subject areas. This project-based and standards-aligned learning experience helps students learn critical thinking and problem-solving as they explore, discover, and create their own ecosystems.




 The students completed an earth science unit which began with learning about evidence for the Big Bang, how the Earth formed, the break up of Pangaea, tectonic plate activity, and how earthquake data is recorded and used by geologists to know more about Earth's interior. Finally, they learned about earthquake safety and constructed buildings that had to withstand earthquake waves.