Home & Careers


Mrs. Ilana Brennan

Permanent NYS Certifications:          

Family & Consumer Science                 

Business & Marketing

Elementary Pre-K-6

Health Education


The Home and Careers program is not all about cooking! It encompasses life skills, self improvement marketing & entrepreneurship. The culinary part of the program concentrates on all aspects of food preparation such as reading and understanding recipes, measurement of ingredients, safe handling of food as well as the history and cultural relevance of the food we eat and prepare. Mrs. Brennan gives each student an engaged learning experience. Students explore various career opportunities, employability skills, customer service, food costs, and inventory controls.  Students have made dumplings, waffles, pizza, pies of various flavors, muffins, holiday pastries,  chocolate covered fruits and pretzels, chicken, pasta dishes,  homemade hummus, sauces, and more!  Students enrolled in the Culinary curriculum get to experience a variety of lessons depending on age and experiences. From Elementary, Middle to High School Students.